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Nobody would have known…

We had been in a powerful crusade in the heart of Kenya, guests of another ministry. We witnessed great miracles and saw scores of people give their hearts to Jesus. We had opportunities to pour hope and spiritual wisdom into … Continue reading

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The Voice with No Voice-Box

“. . .Once the ivory box is broken, beats the golden bird no more.” Edna St. Vincent Millay When we truly love someone, it seems as though so much of the identity we come to know and appreciate is embedded … Continue reading

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The Substance of Things Unseen

I couldn’t have been more enmeshed, hot in the pursuit of new students and teachers and desperately trying to find financial backing  for the operation of the Christian school I founded. My 18-hour days had me in a frenetic spin, … Continue reading

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Branded for Life…A Year Could Never Erase Him.

   For 57 years I knew him. It was the longest I had ever known any man in my life. From childhood my memories of him were etched with a broad smile, twinkling eyes and arms that held me close … Continue reading

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One Door Closes….

Shutting the door to my parents’ empty house was like coming to the end of a movie when all the vivid splendor suddenly fades to black. The story-line had finally come to a close; all voices were silent. The grand … Continue reading

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A Thousand Thanks….

Grace comes in so many forms. An unexpected gift; a word of encouragement; a smile–all are welcomed expressions of the heart to brighten our days. Grace seamlessly  covers another’s embarrassment. Kindness recognizes a struggle and comes alongside to help. Graciousness … Continue reading

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Where Loneliness Dares Not Tread

There is a secret place, far from the brewing tempest and maddening crowd. It’s the soul’s  deliverance in times of great loneliness. When I am lonely, my thoughts can be my demise. They try to carry me outside the confines … Continue reading

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