The Mission

39887_1567699400858_1450148_nThe Mission: A Ride through Life’s Beautiful Places. . .

430256_4524497638966_9922759_nEnjoying the God-Life. . .


There’s always a greater mission, a final destination with eternal importance. Yet, along the way God provides beauty, life and learning to round us out as observers so we can better communicate the God- kind of Life. For me, the mission within the Mission, is to explore…observe…and relish the quiet moments of splendor He has provided.

The Mission: Taking the Scenic Route

The Road Less Traveled. . .I don’t mind driving 100 miles longer than most if it means I can capture a few more hours of beholding. Whether it’s stretching the eyes to measure a late summer sunset, or hiking a footpath to catch the last of the sparkling ripples heading downstream, the wandering is usually worth the extra time and trouble. God has always placed the best artwork on the most extravagant canvases. His beauty is almost impossible to fully capture on film or adequately describe. When in the presence of His wonders, I always am instantly quieted and find myself trying to draw in long breaths.

He leaves me wanting more. My heart leaps, bursting into song. He fills my being with rhapsodies of glory, and I catch a small glimpse of His greatness. His is the peace that settles over me and the sweetest peace that satisfies the soul. This cannot come for me in the crowd, but in the great room of nature.


In His living rooms one will always find vivid color and carefully planned textures. Usually He provides a water feature which has its part in the cacophony of life sounds, including playful wind in the trees and happy songs from feathered friends. Motions, sounds, patterns– enchanting, invigorating and quieting–all at the same moment.

One hears a joyful invitation from the Creator to linger and soak a while, in Him. He passionately longs to be Our Friend, Whom we love to enjoy. He infuses life with His sweet fragrance. 


And when the beauty lies closer to the crowd, He still knows how to draw us.

His delight skips over the waves like a motor boat, and reminds us He will fill our busiest days with play.

Our task is to push past the distractions and remember Him and His desire to give us the good things of the Kingdom, as we carry out His plans. It’s the greatest mission in the world, because He gives joy in the journey–joy in the living.


He causes us to bear fruit in our seasons of life. And, He replenishes us when we are depleted. We must simply find our way back to Him and His dwelling places.


How fertile are His fields; how lush are the lawns of His pastureland; how beckoning the call of His welcome lamp in the secret dwelling He has prepared to receive us in all our weariness. “Come away with Me and Rest,” and let Me unfold again to you your sacred mission.


He Still Calls from the lively babbling of the waters:


Learn of Me…You’ll Find Rest for Your Soul.

About donnaschambach

President of Schambach Ministries; Evangelist and Director of GOSPEL School of Ministry International.
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3 Responses to The Mission

  1. Karen Bellini says:

    I’m crying Donna. I love the way you write and put His beauty into words and poetry. I can sense Jesus drawing me to Himself to laugh and love and to “remind me of my sacred mission.” I’ve been in the desert for years…on the shelf… So my eyes burn with tears..yet I never give up…I know His Love and Word..I praise His goodness.
    Love the pictures. Be blessed. You’re in my prayers.

    In Christ,

  2. Karen, it gives me such joy to know that my musings can touch your heart. Thank you for being so gracious to share your feelings. I am praying for you , my friend.

    • Karen Bellini says:

      Thank you so much sister Donna. Your in my prayers as well. I’m blessed to know you and read your writings…
      In His Love,

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