One Door Closes….

6771_1184546302270_836831_nShutting the door to my parents’ empty house was like coming to the end of a movie when all the vivid splendor suddenly fades to black. The story-line had finally come to a close; all voices were silent. The grand collection of objects and heirlooms were ferreted away in boxes or sorted into purposeful piles. The stuff that were the backdrop, scenery and props of a 62-year marriage, would be assigned to new duties now.

Bob and Winnie were no longer living in the house they had made home. No one would be scurrying from room to room packing the suitcases for road trips; no excited voices on “catch-up” phone calls to family and friends would carry down the hallways; there would be no more holiday gatherings for the family that spent much of their year scattered across the miles.

Yes, it was hitting me all so squarely in the face, I would no longer bring my Papa his fresh, black coffee in his favorite navy mug. Gone forever was his gentle teasing about my leaving cold coffee in the bottom of my cup. (He loved to boast his coffee never had a chance to get cold, because he didn’t waste any time drinking it!) I would never again hear his verbal reward: “AAAAAAAAH, Good to the last drop, Miss Donna!”Image

Over too were the days I would steal Mama away for a Saturday outing while Dad would stay home watching football. Her lilting voice, her love of shopping for the grandkids, and her absolute enjoyment of her daughter’s company…those times all faded like old photographs lining the now lonely hallways, scenes with familiar dialogue, never to be re-enacted.Image

Although the physical door to my parents’ house shut quite silently and without much effort, I heard the echoing crash of another ethereal door, closing permanently on life as I knew it. To me it was hauntingly deafening. With that ghost-like sound arose mental apparitions of tractor trailers, tambourines, tent meetings and television studios, circling around me like a whirlwind and finally resting behind the closed door of the past life. The surreal emotions marked the end of a glorious era, never to be re-visited.

Sadly, poignantly, it was becoming quite clear. It was okay for me to remember; I should and must mourn their deaths; but, I could not ever re-open that door and try to relive their long-shared life. A new chapter was waiting to be written; a different drama begged to be played out on an awaiting stage. In order to find my voice…my platform, I would be required to confront the fear of the unknown.

All my familiar anchors had vanished. All emotional tethers had been severed. Behind me stood the cherished, comforting, and all-too-closed door to what I knew as home. Before me, my teary eyes strained to discover the next open portal, somewhere off in the distance, slightly ajar.

My heart was asked to trust God, knowing He was already writing the next scenes and gathering the cast of characters for this freshly-produced drama, filled with His personality and purpose. i determined to trust He would somehow replace the love and fellowship so vacant from my life, and restore the lost sense of security in having nearby those who were always happy to see me.

I had to trust I would experience love behind the door yet to open,  even if differently than I had ever known. Tenderness, friendship and joy would be shared with many in the global family I had yet to encounter, in the next, unwritten chapter of my life, after one amazing, epoch door closed forever this year.

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President of Schambach Ministries; Evangelist and Director of GOSPEL School of Ministry International.
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9 Responses to One Door Closes….

  1. Rhoda says:

    Dearest Donna…As I read this post, I felt like I was right there with you. You are correct. One era has passed and another is emerging. However, I still find myself sitting here in tears, missing your dad. I really loved him a lot. Even though I didn’t share that lovely home with you and your family, your dad’s presence always signified stability in our lives. There was always the sense of security in knowing that he was alive and well and doing God’s bidding. Whenever I was disappointed by man, I would look at him and gain a renewed strength and assurance. Whenever he was in town, we were there. Being in his company gave me such peace. I know that God has much for us to do as we go forward but tonight I am taking one more glance over my shoulder where I can see your dad’s smiling face and hear the words…”it’s going to be alright”. Love you and praying that the Lord continues to work through your life to heal the sick, cast out devils, and bring hope to this dying world as you minister the gospel and harvest souls.
    Joyfully Serving Christ,

  2. Crystal says:

    Reading this…tears flowing…awed…

  3. Your words were very moving as if I, looking through your eyes, felt what you were feeling. You have always had a knack for writing.I would love for you to write Christian novels.

  4. Donna, I think I met your parents when we were going to school in Virginia Beach, but I didn’t really know them, still your post touched me deeply. I cried thinking of similar times in my own life when death or trauma changed everything and we have to start on a new path that we were not expecting to be on. Thankfully, God is in the midst of it all. The emotions can be overwhelming, but He gives us new meaning and purpose in miraculous ways. I’m at one of those times myself and I thank you for sharing honestly and openly. It is nice to know that I am not alone on my journey of life changing experiences.

  5. jackie jenkins says:

    this is so up lifting and its like it was written for me and my parents,when i was small your dad and mine ministered togeather i miss them both…………jackie (rays grandmas)

  6. paula says:

    Touched me deeply Donna, my in laws now make heaven there home, and I remember shutting the door to there house, the one we shared for over 30 years, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays what glorious memories I have of two of the most precious people in my life. I look forward to seeing them again.

  7. Karen Bellini says:

    Dear Donna,

    You must write a book. Thus touched my heart. I didn’t have such a life as your’s-so full of love. It helps to hear your story. My heart fills with His love as I read your words. Thank you. You have a great gift for writing and bringing God’s

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