Airline Joys of Weight Loss

Okay, here goes. I’m making an attempt at being vulnerable again. If you’ve been following this blog, you may think I’m beginning to enjoy this “open-to-the-public” expression of my thoughts and feelings.
The truth is, it feels a little scary each time, because much of my past embarrasses me and I am still learning to overcome the shame.
I work to overcome by sharing my testimony…the good things happening now that give me small joys in the journey. And, every time I am in an airport now and board a plane, those little joys help keep me on track in my weight loss journey.
Someone once told me that for every pound of weight we lose, it feels as though we’ve lost 3 pounds of pressure. I can attest to the truth of that! Having lost 110, I know my trek through the airports is much different than it used to be.
My knees have been bad for 10-12 years; doctors told me both knees have been bone-on-bone for that length of time. A year and a half ago, I was using a cane or a wheelchair to get through airports, because of the problem.
You may not understand the utter embarrassment of having a young face, an enormous body, and being pushed through crowds of elderly people walking long distances in airports. Let me tell you, it’s humiliating. Especially when you arrive in a foreign country and are greeted by a delegation of pastors and leaders anticipating a miracle meeting!
Just try to imagine my excitement and joy, to be able to walk the full length of overseas airports, unassisted, after having stood in impossible lines for check-in and security! Ok, I’ll say it, I feel like a rockstar!
And then, when I take my place on that 6-inch seat (slight exaggeration,) I fit!! And so does the seat belt!! No more under-the-breath requests to the flight attendant for the dreaded “extender,” and the all-knowing smile and look of pity in return!
Believe me when I tell you, there is no slice of cake or pizza that tastes as good as being free from guilt and shame feels! God has truly brought me through a total life-transformation that feels a lot like waking up from a long, miserable nightmare.
Just today, sitting behind first class on the window seat, I did something I would have died of shame to do a year ago. I actually maneuvered myself gracefully around two men, excusing myself of course, to begin the long journey to the back of the plane for the restroom.
Now to you always-skinnies out there, you cannot relate to a word I’m saying. God bless you. But to you who may be struggling to put down an Oreo…JUST DO IT!
In the words of the great emancipator, “I’ve been to the mountaintop!” Only, I am not dreaming anymore. I’m on the other side, saying “It’s really good here! Keep going! Learn to love salads, apples and grilled chicken!” Take it from me, these little joys are awesome motivators in keeping a person like me on track!
The best part about it is the renewed youthfulness I feel. I find myself attempting things I thought I could never do. Some I still need a little work with; others I can manage well.
No, airport and airline travel are not as fun as they used to be; but to a shrinking chubette like me, they are almost enjoyable:-)


About donnaschambach

President of Schambach Ministries; Evangelist and Director of GOSPEL School of Ministry International.
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12 Responses to Airline Joys of Weight Loss

  1. cecejo says:

    WHAT a glorious inspiration you are! 110 pounds HalleluYah! I am on that road as well! I am looking forward to the blessings as well! Glory to God!

  2. Trish Franke says:

    Donna, you are an amazing encouragement! What a testimony. Love you! Trish

    • Trish, it’s nice to have you weigh in on these. I really do feel butterflies when I start writing about myself; but, I do it to remind myself of how far the Lord has brought me. Thank you for being a real friend in this! Your words are treasured!

  3. wannda Higgins says:

    I have been there. When a person has been so over weight that it changes a whole life style. It is not fun. The shame an guilt is overwhelming. I have lost 125 pounds by hard work an Gods grace. I havekept it off for 9 years now There are timed i do cheat but 99% of the time i am faithful but, this process has taken me years to learn what works for me. No one knows me better than me. Even to this dsy the hardest thing for me to do is look in a mirror an see me skinny. I still want to pick up the large clothes because i can’t believe im wearing such a small size. Sheila (my daughter) will grab my arm an say mom come over here to the little sizes. I just look at her in amazement. But God is Good. 😉

  4. Neely says:

    Hello Pastor Donna. I never had a chance to meet you. I went to one of your father’s tent revival camp meetings when I was young. Your father was an amazing instrument for the Lord. Thank you for continuing your father’s work; thank you for your service for the Lord. You are so pretty! I love your picture. May the Lord bless you.

    • Hi Neely,
      I am just catching up on some of my replies. It was so nice to hear from you and I appreciate your encouragement in every way. The Lord bless you abundantly and daily grace you with His sweet presence.

  5. Karen Bellini says:

    I’m so happy for you Donna. Thank you for being vulnerable. I have always had weight problems off and on. I understand the joy and freedom you must be feeling now and the energy. Years have been added to your life as well.
    I’m still struggling to lose weight. I’ve had to have steroid shots and procedures on my spine so the weight went up quickly and does not come off easily. BUT GOD..

    AGAIN…thank you for sharing. It helps.

    In Christ,

    • Hello Karen,
      Wow, that must be a miserable situation for you. At times it has to be about health, eating healthy and exercising. As your body heals I am sure the weight will regulate again. I will be praying that the Lord’s healing process in you will bring you speedy recovery.
      Love you my sister,

  6. Rhoda says:

    Hello dear one…I am so very proud of you. Your choice has added many years to your life and ministry. Love you…
    Joyfully Serving Christ,

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