Launching my very first blog site…are you interested?

I have been on a spiritual journey. A journey that has brought about a transformation. I want to share that journey and the lessons learned with you. With God as your travel guide, you, too, can be transformed!

About donnaschambach

President of Schambach Ministries; Evangelist and Director of GOSPEL School of Ministry International.
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3 Responses to Launching my very first blog site…are you interested?

  1. Wanda Higgins says:

    This will be great. A new way to minister. 😉

  2. Lynn Kentia says:

    Reading this whole site has blessed me, i loved your dad’s preaching and still liosten to them on utube.
    He was a true man of God. I don’t think that hristian TV gave him the covarage on his life and your moyhers as well, after his passing)
    I will keep you and the ministry in prayer and may God yse you and your team for his kingdom
    I can relate to the weight part, and am glad that you have a new body. I hope that i can catch up, (it’s not like the old days when people liked the person no matter how they looked)
    Again God Bless Lynn K

    • Lynn, thank you so much for sharing your heart. I do miss my Papa, but he left behind some wonderful friends with whom I am able to connect now. I so much enjoy hearing their stories. Please stay connected with us and the ministry at! In just 10 days I will be leaving with my team for Managua, Nicaragua. God has opened that city to us and we are anticipating a mighty move of God. I would appreciate your holding us in your prayers. Many blessings to you! Donna

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